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I am a fully qualified proofreader and editor with a great interest in writing. All of the articles on this site and listed under My Hubs have been written by me. Some of the linked hubs have been written by others and have been carefully selected.

The Cold Cometh

It shakes its flake ridden scalp upon the landscape

Blanketing nature's vestiges from the season before

Autumn's head has bowed and saluted the Reaper's Freezing

It sounds its threatening whistle

That shrieks through with ghastly fingers

Icily sketching spasms through dormant living things

Those who can dig deeper do

To defend themselves against his taking

The Healthy but Careless

The Old and Infirmed

The Poor and Destitute

And Even Those who consider themselves Immune

Could Come Upon An Untimely Incident

As all must pass to re-seed the Vigour of Spring

As Spring's Mercy is borne through Winter's Malice

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