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Egg and Nogg: The Beginning

Explore the ancient fabled worlds
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In a wondrous valley, deep in the territories of the Elven lands are two half-elves or half-goblins as some elves rudely prefer to call them. They are the children of Viga and Madora, and they have been nurtured here ever since the first coming of the goblin commander that their father once held the title of. Viga, heavily wounded with many arrow wounds and the only one to carry on standing despite the inflict he was receiving, commanded the respect of Cail the Elven chief's second in command to issue the words that saved him:

"Those who refuse to die deserve the chance to live".

However, he was not set free but jailed in a secure and heavily guarded tree house for many months whilst the young maiden Madora nursed him. Viga startled the elves with his wisdom which seemed to surpass even those of the resident sages and his resilience also earned the love of his carer, who by Elven standards was considered to be ugly and unfit to marry. However, to Viga – a goblin, she was considered very pretty but it was her attention to detail and her incredible intelligence that won his heart for her.

Now a lifelong hatred for the goblins would not normally accept a union, even if it did only involve one of them. But this goblin was an exception, he not only earned the respect of the local sages with his wisdom, but his lightning responses, his strength and his military aptitude won the respect of the soldiers. His die hard attitude and discipline earned his support in the coaching of many young Elven warriors. Viga during his time here, got to understand the elves, their care, their love of nature, and started to respect their attempt to nurture their environment was far more fulfilling than to try and exploit it. Viga also knew that as a failed commander, even if he had wanted to return to his once goblin land that they would never accept him as they had before.

So he settled, and the union went ahead, in spite of some muffled disagreements. When the first son, Nogg, was born, the fears of those who had disagreements resurfaced as this child seemed to show no aptitude of his father's exceptions. The academy was disappointed, but out of respect for his father they tried not to show it. Viga, strangely enough, probably due to the Elvish nature of nurturing the environment, was not as disappointed as he should have been. He also understood that if his child had been born in goblin lands he would not have survived.

However, though the child showed none of his father's abilities, he did show one very big exception of his mother's. As he grew older, well before his natural years, he was able to understand things easily that his tutors had spent many years and many evenings in candle-lit study of. This intelligence enabled him to use complicated magic magic techniques that even the brightest and most renowned academics had struggled to render. However, the mages though in awe of his capabilities banned him from using magic above a certain level as he lacked the aptitude to understand the consequences of his actions.

Nature as these elves say, can be very savage, but nurtured it will balance itself. If there was ever any solid evidence of this – their second son Egg is. All, including those who had muffled disagreements were astounded at how different these siblings could be. Egg was glowing evidence of his father's capabilities, as he grew he bounded through the trees as if he was meant to be born to them whilst his older brother stayed firmly on the ground. He did not show the natural intelligence of his brother, in contrast in study he was much slower, having to work much harder than his brother to understand things. However, the discipline he obtained through his heritage dedicated him to his study and he worked hard to maintain the basic requirements. Otherwise he groomed his fighting techniques and learnt well from his father the art of art of warfare. After he had mastered the techniques of many weapons he decided to put them aside and concentrate on the power of the body as a weapon itself.

As the brothers grew, in spite of the fact that Nogg was older, these siblings became known as Egg and Nogg and they were soon to become two of the most feared adversaries that the shadows of this world were soon to know.

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